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      The skyview has been developed by Ann/Nassau Realty, LLC a partnership between Bernard and Robert Friedman. The Friedman family has long been in the New York City real estate business; Bernard and Robert’s parents, Clara and Irving Friedman, founded the family business in 1940.

      Founded in New York City in 1941, SLCE Architects (SLCE) has a proud heritage of creating architecture in the world’s most complex urban environments. Completing over 7.5 million square feet annually, SLCE provides a full range of architectural design and technical services with special expertise in large scale residential, hospitality, mixed-use, and commercial developments. In recent decades SLCE has grown to become one of the most prolific firms in the New York City metropolitan area as well and enjoys a growing presence nationally.

      meet the team

      John Doe
      emma douglas
      William smith
      Emily green
      Interior designer